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Benefits of Hiring a Amelia Prasser for your Goddess Art and Visionary Art Pieces

When you want a visionary art piece completed, you have the decision to hire a freelance painter like Amelia Prasser or go through an agency. Below you’ll learn about the benefits of choosing a freelancer to bring your vision to life.

Affordable Pricing

In most cases, a freelance artist like Amelia Prasser will charge less than an agency will. This has nothing to do with their quality of work, though. Instead, it’s about their expenses. Agencies tend to have much higher overhead expenses, which leads to higher pricing.

It’s also important to consider that many agencies outsource work to freelancers, meaning that you are likely paying a freelancer anyway. The biggest difference is that by hiring me directly, you are cutting out the middleman – and the agency fees.

Direct Communication

When you have a project – especially one that’s close to your heart – it’s important that you have direct access to the painter working on it. More often than not, this does not happen with an agency. Instead, you’ll likely speak with an account manager who will act as the go-between.

With me you get a direct line of communication from start to finish on your project. You’ll have the option to stay in touch throughout the process and ensure your vision and any notes are passed along properly.

Specializes in Goddess Art and Visionary Art

With a specialization in goddess art and visionary art, your art project is always going to be in good hands. I pride myself on my ability to read my clients and help get them exactly the kind of art piece they are looking for. Whether they are looking for a goddess art piece to complete a bedroom, or a visionary art piece that is perfect for your living room; I will help bring your vision to life through my painting.

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