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What I admired most about my time with Amelia was her grace and patience to connect and guide me through my astrology chart. Coming from little to no knowledge about astrology and the planets, Amelia took her time to explain the meaning of every single thing while weaving together threads of my chart that would only make sense coming from a masterful teacher. She is such an artist in the way she communicates and translates such meta terminology to human language. I left our session feeling very open and humbled by our readings. 
I wish we had more time ;)
Thank you graciously

Lauren B

I went to Amelia for an astrology reading and was very impressed with what I received. I’ve had many readings in the past… but there is something about Amelia’s way that leaves me feeling extremely seen and validated in who I am. During our reading, she offered a variety of reflections and ideas that covered various aspects of my life— each one felt like a channeled piece of wisdom that I needed to hear. I left with more clarity in who I am and certainty in the direction of my life. I’m so grateful to her & this beautiful offering she’s offering the world!

Nikki S

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