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 Talismanic Painting Series 


In this series, I delve into the realm of talismanic arts, employing traditional oil painting techniques infused with herbal alchemy, ceremonial magic, and electional astrology. These paintings are intended as transformative magical objects, resonating with the energy of the specific ruling planet.

My inspiration stems from Paracelsus' seven basics of making a spagyric preparation, which I adapted to the realm of paintings. Each piece was intentionally commenced during a specific astrological election, and only worked on on the planetary day associated with its ruling planet. 

Before each session, I would align with the energies of the planet using ceremonial magic invocations, and then while burning the appropriate incense associated with that planet, I would sing the Orphic Hymn. 

The colors, iconography, and symbolism employed are deeply rooted in astrology, mythology, and magical traditions associated with each of the celestial spheres. These elements serve as gateways, guiding the viewer into the depths of the planetary energies and their significance. 

These talismanic oil paintings serve as conduits, forging a connection between the viewer and the planetary forces they embody. Each artwork invites you to embark on a personal journey of exploration and connection. As you delve into the mysteries of astrology, alchemy, and magic, these works of art become portals, unlocking the potential for profound attunement and energetic alignment. 


48''X 30''

Commenced July 2021 when the moon resided in Taurus, forming a harmonious sextile with the sun in Cancer.
To honor the moon's cyclic nature, I embraced the technique known as mischtecnik. During the waxing phase, as the moon grew brighter or full, I applied casein to capture its luminosity and gentle radiance. As the moon waned or new, transitioning towards darkness, I employed dark hues to evoke contrasting shadows and captivating depths. To finish, I adorned the composition with silver leaf, the metal closely tied to lunar symbolism, casting shimmering reflections.



Mercury is known for its association with air and its role in traditional alchemy. 
Commencing its creation when Mercury was conjunct the ascendant in Gemini and only working on Wednesdays, the painting carries the essence of this celestial alignment, infusing it with a sense of cosmic synergy.
The creative process of this artwork was uniquely confined to Wednesdays, paying homage to Mercury's planetary influence. The focused dedication on this specific day further deepens the connection to the planet's symbolism. The essence of Mercury explores the interconnectedness between the celestial and terrestrial realms, contemplating the role as a bridge between different realms of existence. The piece serves as a visual manifestation of Mercury's energy, inviting contemplation and exploration into its mysteries


48'' X 30'' 

Venus is the planet of love, harmony, and beauty. Green, the color closely associated with Venus, dominates the canvas, emanating the vibrant energy and lushness that the planet embodies.
I commenced this artwork during Venus's rulership in Taurus. Drawing inspiration from the planet's potent energy, I sought to infuse the painting with the essence of Venusian grace and allure. I used malachite pigment as it is green in color and composed of copper sulfide. Copper being the metal associated with Venus, I sealed the piece with copper leaf during the Venus/ Moon conjunction in Taurus. 
As a Venusian ruled Sun, I am drawn to the symbolism that Venus embodies. The interconnectedness between human emotion and the natural world comes alive on the canvas, evoking a sense of wonder and contemplation. The delicate equilibrium and enchanting qualities of love, harmony, and beauty.


48'' X 30''

The Sun painting commenced on August 8th, a significant date known as the Lions Gate Portal, when cosmic energies align to awaken inner potential and spiritual growth, and from there worked on Sundays. Harnessing the heightened energy of this celestial event, I infused the painting with the dynamic essence of the Sun's influence, capturing its transformative power and illuminating presence. 
Yellow, the color closely associated with the Sun, envelops the canvas, radiating warmth, vitality, and joy. And as the Sun is associated with the precious metal gold, I incorporated touches of gilded elements into the artwork. The luminous allure of gold leaf embellishes the composition, evoking the Sun's brilliance and symbolizing its inherent value and significance.


48'' X 30''

Guided by the fiery energy of Mars, the planet of passion and strength.
The dominant color palette of bold red ignites the canvas, reflecting the dynamic and assertive nature of Mars.
The creative process commenced during Mars's residency in Scorpio in November 2021, when the planet's influence was particularly intense and transformative. 
In a tribute to Mars's association with iron, the metal symbolic of its raw power, I incorporated iron oxide pigment sourced from rocks found in the majestic Rocky Mountains. 
This deliberate choice connects the artwork to the very Earth that embodies the energy of Mars, infusing the composition with a grounded yet electrifying quality. From there, the pallet was cadmium reds, and Mars black. 
Aligned with the planetary energy, the creative process unfolded exclusively on Tuesdays, the day traditionally associated with Mars. This focused dedication amplifies the connection to Mars's influence, infusing the painting with an extra layer of intention and resonance.


48'' X 30'' 

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, and wisdom. This piece serves as a celestial tapestry, adorned with hues of blue and occasional touches of yellow, reflecting the essence of Jupiter's cosmic influence.

The creative process began when Jupiter first entered Pisces in 2021, marking a period of enhanced spiritual insight and expansive energy. Drawing inspiration from this astrological alignment, I sought to infuse the painting with the profound qualities associated with Jupiter's benevolence and expansive nature.

Renowned for its vibrant blue hue, lapis lazuli has long been associated with Jupiter and serves as a fitting representation of its influence, which I infused into the painting.

In reverence to Jupiter's association with Thursdays, the creative process was dedicated exclusively to this day of the week. This focused dedication amplifies the connection to Jupiter's energy, infusing the painting with a heightened sense of abundance, wisdom, and boundless exploration. 


48'' X 30''

Saturn is the celestial embodiment of structure, discipline, and wisdom.
The creative process unfolded primarily during Saturn's residency in Aquarius, a period when the planet's energy intersected with the innovative and intellectual realm of fixed air. Drawing inspiration from this celestial alignment, I sought to capture the essence of Saturn's transformative power and profound wisdom.
To embody the darkness and gravitas of Saturn, I exclusively utilized bone black, a pigment created from charred animal bones. This deliberate choice not only captures the depth and intensity associated with Saturn's energy but also serves as a reminder of the cycle of life and death. The incorporation of lead white adds subtle nuances and highlights, contrasting the darkness with moments of illumination.
In alignment with Saturn's association with Saturdays, the painting process was dedicated exclusively to this day of the week. This focused dedication amplifies the connection to Saturn's energy, infusing the artwork with a sense of discipline, structure, and timeless wisdom.

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