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" order to make translucid the most obscure technical secrets, [it] would seem to require the art of magic in addition to the practice of painting itself.." -Salvador Dali

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Through my work, I embark on a journey that explores merging the realms of the magical arts with the traditional medium of oil painting. As in the Latin phrase, "Ora et Labora," meaning "Work and Pray," I approach my creative process as a sacred endeavor, infusing intentionality into each brush stroke. My studio serves as a sanctuary, a sacred space where the fusion of art and magic harmoniously unfolds. It is within this environment that my paintings come to life, embodying the convergence of the physical and the spiritual. My creative practice is deeply influenced by the realms of Magic and Astrology, which I incorporate into my painting rituals. By harnessing these mystical practices and the use of electional astrology, I create artistic talismans that carry potent symbolic meanings. Each piece I create is infused with a profound sense of purpose and devotion. By embracing the fusion of esoteric arts and traditional oil painting, my work seeks to ignite a sense of wonder, evoking a connection to the hidden realms that lie within us all.


Hi there, I'm originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, but I've lived in the Boulder, Colorado area since 2012. I graduated from The University of Colorado- Boulder with a degree in Studio Arts and Religious Studies. I'm currently living in Rollinsville, Colorado. When I'm not making art, I spend most of my time studying and delving into other interests which include: herbalism, alchemy, spirituality, astrology, and occult sciences. Combining my many interests, I like to describe my work as narrative art- aiming to tell a story through my paintings 



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 When you pledge as one of my Patreons, you immediately gain access to all my work-in-progress content as well as exclusive access into my process. If you're an admirer of my work, or someone that wants to learn techniques and dive deeper into your own art practice- this is a great place for you. I'm building a community of artists, visionaries, seekers, and mystics who are wanting to find a connection between the art and the mystical- Art is Magic, and Magic is Art. 

Join my journey.  Let's connect. 


Thank you for visiting. Please contact me if you have any questions about original painting availabilities, pricing or purchasing work, and/ or commission work. I am available for live painting at events, and for private art lessons or group lessons in the Front Range Colorado area.

PO Box #430 
Rollinsville, Colorado 80474

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