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Durga Ma in Leo print

Durga Ma in Leo print

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This painting is truly important to me. I had this idea for a painting of the woman and the lion after I found out my dear sister was expecting her first child. I knew I wanted her to be in one of my paintings, and this idea came to me right away. •The figure in this painting is a representation of the Universal Mother in Hinduism, Durga Ma. She is a symbol of Shakti or the Divine Feminine, and her purpose is one who eliminates suffering. She is often seen as riding a Lion as her vehicle, which is a symbol of her taming the beast. (My friend is also a Leo coincidentally)
This painting is a manifestation of the balance with the Divine Feminine and Masculine coming together as one for the good of all. The objects in her hands represent tools that will assist and aid in this process. The sword is a cutting of all obstacles and evils. The conch is a call to action, NOW is the time. The Lotus blooming represents this stage in our paradigm coming soon, but hasn’t yet manifested yet, and the butterflies represent the metamorphosis and transformation that must take place within us all individually


    small print 5” x 6.5”

    large print 11” x 14” matte giclee print on paper.

    Comes signed


    sorry, no refunds or exchanges at this time 


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    International shipping $15.00

    shipped via USPS 

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