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Guide to Working With An Artist for Commission

There are many reasons to work with an artist for commission. Perhaps you have a particular piece you would like to hang on your home or office wall, to give a loved one as a gift or for any other number of reasons. Regardless of your reasoning, there are a few tips that make commissioning art a smoother process.

1. Know Your Budget

There are several factors that can impact the cost of your artwork. Knowing how much you wish to spend and communicating this early on in your painting commissions will set proper expectations.

2. Communicate Your Timeline

When do you want the piece finished? An artist for commission will do their best to accommodate your wishes, but it’s important to be flexible. The artist you choose may not have the space in their schedule to meet that deadline at that time, but they’ll let you know this upfront.

3. Be Clear With Your Vision

The more clearly you can communicate what you want, the higher the chances that you’ll get it. An artist for commission will do their absolute best to bring your vision to life. If they cannot see that vision clearly, they’ll have to improvise in some areas.

You may not know every detail that you want in the piece, but there are some basic things to start with. First and foremost, be prepared to describe the subject of the piece.

You’ll also want to decide whether you want a background and whether you want it in black and white or color. Your artist will likely ask questions to get a clearer picture so they can provide you with the best piece possible.

4. Stay In Touch

Don’t wait until your deadline to connect with your artist. Instead, keep in contact regularly. This will allow both of you to make sure you are on the same page and prevent costly revisions down the line.

Art is my life, and painting commissions help me live it. If you’re interested in commissioning a piece, please contact me so we can discuss the vision you have in mind.

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