Expressions of the Inexpressible

Thank you deeply for being here. Through my work, I strive to express the inexpressible. I believe, the most amazing gifts in life, cannot be found through words. 
My art is an act of service to the Divine, like her, I have the gift of creating- to birth into existence that which wasn't before. 
Magic inspires me more than anything else, and it is this vibration which I aim to weave through my creations. I believe if we could all experience this magic and grace, we would be more willing and called to action for the greater good of ourselves and others. 
As an artist, my mission is to create art that inspires others, to uplift others, to give hope to those without it. I feel it is my purpose to bring artifacts into the world which aid personal and collective growth. I hope that by viewing my work, you are able to feel more deeply and love more fully. My work is a prayer for hope and peace, and for you.



Amelia Passer is originally from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, but has resided in the Boulder, Colorado area since 2012. She graduated from The University of Colorado- Boulder with a degree in Studio Arts and Religious Studies. She currently resides in Rollinsville, Colorado. When she's not making art, she spends most of her time studying and delving into herbalism, alchemy, spirituality, astrology, and occult sciences. Combining her interests, she describes her work as narrative art- aiming to tell a story through her paintings. 



Thank you for visiting. Please contact me if you have any questions about original painting availabilities, pricing or purchasing work, and/ or commission work. I am available for live painting at events, and for private art lessons or group lessons in the Front Range Colorado area.

PO Box #430 
Rollinsville, Colorado 80474

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