Art of Amelia Passer

Expressions of the Inexpressible

Thank you deeply for being here. Through my work, I strive to express the inexpressible. I believe, the most amazing gifts in life, cannot be found through words. 
My art is an act of service to the Divine Mother, like her, I have the gift of creating- to manifest into existence that which wasn't before. 
Earth Magic inspires me more than anything else, and it is this concept which weaves through my creations. I believe if we could all experience this magic that the Earth has to offer, we would be more willing and called to action for the greater good of all. 
As a visionary artist, my mission is to create art that inspires others, to uplift others, to give hope to those without it. I feel it is my purpose to bring images into the world which aid in the collective evolution of the planet.  I hope that by viewing my work, you are able to feel more deeply and love more fully. My work is a prayer for hope and peace, and for you.


Artist Bio

Amelia Passer

I have been doing art for as long as I can remember. I have always been fascinated by the idea of creating something spontaneously out of nothing. I am an alchemist of paint, creating new worlds and substances from the ether realms of my mind into a tangible experience onto the canvas. I studied Studio Arts and Religious Studies at the University of Colorado- Boulder, and I have been continuing my artistic education and exploration everyday, ever since. I believe the role of an artist isn't just about creating art, but about being art. The role of the artist is to be present, to see the beauty and light in all things. With this way of seeing, Artists are able to capture the energy of the world and translate it into the material realm, giving others the gift of experiencing that beauty and emotion for themselves.

cuando yo pintaba el cuarto del amanecer