• Amelia Prasser

A Message Behind the Art

Visionary Art takes one beyond a physical theme and leads to a mystical and spiritual space. Only the imagination can say how deep the dreamscape will go. Commonly including the 4 elements of water, earth, fire, and wind, a vision of the natural world stays with the viewer.

Many recognize a feeling of spiritual freedom in visionary art as positive and negative forces seem to play within the subject. Most artists share their spirituality within the scene and suggest a relationship between mystical energies and everyday life. Mainly self-taught, there is no regular distinction in style or form.

Often compared to fantastic art, there is little comparison. Fantastic Art allows one to enter the world of Greek mythology and magic. While the stories seem sensational, many believed in the content. Much as is today with a human belief in religion, the famous tales came to life. Women are often an intricate part of a scene. Gods, heroes, and villains were formed to deliver the fantasy art that we see today.

Surrealism cannot be left out of the equation of visionary art. Geared toward tapping into the sub-conscience, the logically inexplicable comes to life and out of context. The biggest difference between visionary art and surrealism art is the shock factor that surrealism always delivers. The connection between the real world and the mystical in visionary art has a prominent emotion of happiness, spiritual freedom, and peace.

The individual artist always leaves their mark on each creation, and it is up to the viewer to unleash their hidden desires as they experience the painting. If you are open to taking an outer perception of a material world and letting your inner eye expand its intuitive sense, you would probably enjoy visionary art.

The visionary realm is where we go and visit during the dream state. You can also experience this type of inner revolution through meditation in heightened states of consciousness.

Visit Amelia Passer, visionary artist, and discover the sense of mysticism, vibration, and inspiration that you never knew existed. Scenes of the inexpressible will suddenly take meaning and resonate with a feeling of peace. The ultimate goal is to deliver hope and an uplifted feeling to viewers that live in a world with too much negativity. Each oil on canvas or drawing will tell a story that only you will be able to interpret through your soul.

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